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Авторы: Chernenko Anastasia, Makarova Tatiana.

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In October, a few days before the start of our trip to Hungary for EHC, we had visited Yekaterinburg to participate in the Archangel Michael Cup. That has been our fifth visit to Yekaterinburg this year, and we look forward to come there at least once more before the yearend. We strongly believe that the Archangel Michael Shooting Club is the best place for practical shooting ever. Just few years ago we went abroad to participate in the best matches. We admired the shooting ranges, stages and perfect organization. And now, in our opinion, we gained the best shooting range and the best shooting competitions built by the world’s best teams.

Eventually, in this article we would like to tell you about the Archangel Michael Shooting Club. You could think that it sounds like a small description of the shooter’s paradise or like a fairy tale, but the most amazing thing is that all this stuff is true. If you have any doubts, you are always welcome to dispute or come there and look with your own eyes.

The shooting range is situated a 10-minute drive from the city, at the Dynamo Biathlon sports base, a place with long and good shooting sports traditions, where Olympic champions have been trained for years.

Wide and spacious shooting galleries are built in three blocks, each of six galleries. The blocks are located at a short distance from one another. This is very convenient for big competitions. Even if five hundred people shoot in one stream, they just drift apart among the blocks and not interfere with one another.

All galleries are built the same way: poured gravel surface, where there will never be wet or slippery. This coating provides an equal level for all participants, regardless of what weather they shoot in — either rainy or dry and sunny.

Shooters waiting areas are as comfortable as possible. All galleries have covers above the resting areas that protects from the sun, wind and rain. They are equipped with comfortable benches and water coolers, so that shooters can enjoy cold water in summer and hot tea in autumn. Furthermore, there is Wi Fi access and electrical outlets, in case it will be necessary to recharge the phone battery.

To make the competition even more comfortable to the participants, the organizers usually set tents in front of each block of galleries, where the shooters can take a rest and have coffee and cakes, all for free (sounds incredible, doesn’t it?).

The target equipment used in the matches may surprise even the most experienced shooters. We were sure that Infinity Open in Phillipsburg is one of the most technically advanced matches ever, and when we participated in it in 2012, that we admired the abundance and variety of moving and running targets and plates. It is there that we saw them for the first time. Now, you can find the same set of equipment, and even more] at the Archangel Michael range. They build incredible technical matches with movers, bobbers, dancing and jumping plates and papers. Once they even installed a bobber onto the mover, but, surprisingly, it was too easy.

Special mention should be made about the team of helpers. We have not seen more precise and coordinated work of helpers at any other shooting ranges in the world. Their rule ‘Helper should not return to the starting position later than the range officer," alone counts for a lot, so when the RO finishes counting and comes back, the stage is already restored and ready for the next shooter.

A few words are due about awards ceremonies! The ideology of the organizers states that the closing ceremony is an essential part of the match, which should not be missed by neither the participants nor the officials. Each closing is a unique performance worthy of a world championship. We think that everyone who was lucky enough to attend at the awarding ceremony of the match in Yekaterinburg had the same impression.

And a short tour of the city’s infrastructure... Yekaterinburg is a big beautiful city, where you probably would like to stay forever. There are a newly designed airport, hotels to fit any taste and budget, restaurants and taxis. Eric Grauffel said that in the Yekaterinburg airport he felt like in his native airport where the customs officers know him. Since direct flights from Paris to Yekaterinburg were launched, he has not seen any difficulties with the arrival for the Archangel Michael competition with his weapon: it is a very quick and friendly registration process.

Over the past two years, the Archangel Michael Shooting Club has become the capital of Russian practical shooting. We suppose it is worthy to host fourth- and fifth-level matches, such as European Championship and World Shoot. To be honest, we really want this. This is a great opportunity for all shooters to take part in a memorable event, built and organized at the top-class level.

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